About Us

👋🏼 Hey there, fellow sparkle enthusiast!

I'm Ali, Proud founder of The Play Co 🌈 Girl Mum 👯‍♀️ Sweet Tooth 😬 Play Dough Queen 👑 & Resin Magician🪄

My mission? To bring joy, creativity, and a whole lot of learning to kiddos through a truly sensory experience.

I have such fond memories of play dough from my childhood. I remember being  so amazed when my Nanna took a few simple ingredients and turned it into something that provided so much fun. When I had my own children I wanted them to experience the joy of play dough too. And so, I bought those little yellow tubs of dough from the shops which brought them great enjoyment. But deep down I knew that NOTHING compares to the softness and squish factor of lovingly handmade dough 💖

I've combined the best of both worlds to create mesmerizing play dough boxes and resin alphabet sets. It's like a sensory explosion that keeps your little ones learning while having a blast!

Witnessing the magic of childhood unfold as my little ones dive into their own imaginative realms brings pure joy to my heart, and I hope I can share that with you too. Plus, as a bonus you'll get some precious moments of peace and sanity while your child is fully engaged in their own world of play 😉


Thank you for being here and supporting this mum-run business. I'd be honoured if you shared the love on social @theplayco_ and #theplayco